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A collection of creative expression wall decor.

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AWFA Question Loc 25 Oct 2020-2444AWFA Produce Bag 11 Nov 2020-6004AWFA Glassy Eyed 22 Nov 2020-6724Abstract Flowers and Bubbles 001AWFA Glassy Eyed 22 Nov 2020-6684AWFA Big Chicken Under Glass 29 Oct 2020-2943Slippin' Into the FutureAWFA Broken Arted 29 Oct 2020-2906AWFA Mirrors Wings and Other Things 13 Sep 2020-8970AWFA Produce Bag 11 Nov 2020-6016AWFA Glassy Eyed 22 Nov 2020-6701We Got a Natural Hair Love ThangAWFA Broken Arted 29 Oct 2020-2910Icescapes 001SZI Highlights and Shadows 15 Jul 2020-1569AWFA Broken Arted 29 Oct 2020-2868SZI Easy and Free 11 Aug 2020-6762AWFA Broken Arted 29 Oct 2020-2995SZI Zee Onion Instamatic 11 Jun 2020-7509SZI Reap What You Sew 11 Jul 2020-0892-2-2