Lisa M. Zunzanyika Lisa M. ZunzanyikaFine Art Photographer

Lisa M. Zunzanyika

Eclectic • Exploratory • Evocative



I am a Fine Art Photographer with an alchemistic aesthetic
and approach to creative expression.

I am driven to visually voice the unspoken and unheard...
those ever present, thoughts, feelings and dreams
that lie beneath the surface longing to emerge.


Drawn to the familiar, the mundane, the overlooked...
I look for ways to evoke the intrigue within.

Seeing and photographing familiar objects in unusual ways
is my creative North Star.

My mind’s eye envisions these bold, quiet, quirky,
mesmerizing vignettes of life billboard-sized and omnipresent. 


Amplified Whispers are secrets in the form of images...with a subtle sense of humor. 


My background is military photojournalism,
I am the first Black female combat photojournalist in Air Force History.
I see in portraits, but I dream in abstracts.

My fine art expression is visually exploratory and eclectic. 

It is my desire that Amplified Whispers Fine Art Speaks to You!


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